istinguishing Excellence 
through Mrs DE

Hi I am Mrs Nora de Silva, a specialist English Language and English Literature teacher and curriculum developer (Victoria Junior College, Raffles Institution Gifted Education Programme https://rafflesiantimes.wordpress.com/2014/01/22/a-conversation-with-professor-andrew-ng/  and Nanyang Girls' High School GEP. I have the rare distinction of being one of the very few teachers who can claim to having taken many students from the Singapore (SEAB) PSLE EL to A levels General Paper.

"Why do I need an English tutor for my child, you might ask?"  Parents click here

English enrichment lessons
devised and taught by an ex-RI GEP teacher, who
  • was involved in curriculum design in the pivotal 1st 10 years of Singapore's Gifted Education Programme (the pre-cursor of Singapore's Integrated Programme)
  • is an English Language and Literature specialist (not a cross-over Sec/JC Geog/History/Econs specialist or in primary school, a Maths/Science teacher)
  • is a "Lit-crusader", 
  • is familiar with the route to scholarship awards (even sifted out President's Scholars when they were only Sec 2!),
  • has taught humanities scholars in a top JC, as well students from mainstream schools but with special needs (dyslexia, dyspraxia, Asperger's, expressive language disorder, specific language disability, to name a few),
  • is experienced with teaching elocution, having taught Speech and Drama;
  • converted erstwhile Maths-inclined students and computer geeks into published poets,
  • has transformed students from Chinese Language dominant family backgrounds into humanities scholars,
  • has helped the lower Sec ACS(Ind) students make the cut (with my Lit Unseen Poetry prog) to get into the International Baccalaureate programme,
  • has motivated Normal stream students to make that jump to Express stream,
  • served as practicum trainer/examiner for professional courses for senior PSLE EL teachers,
  • understands "enrichment" like the back of her hand, and
  • consistently writes lessons that are exam-focused and save the student's time.

Interested parents and students can SMS me at 81386011 for info on
  • Eng Lang Enrichment Classes for PSLE, O levels, Sec Integrated Programme (A levels pathway) & General Paper A levels
  • Sec Literature Unseen Poetry Programmes 

Where: 20 Kramat Lane, United House, 05-02, Singapore 228773
(near Dhoby Ghaut & Somerset MRT stations, behind Concorde Hotel)
Ten weekly, ongoing English enrichment lessons per term (largely following the Singapore school terms)

12 per class: fee $569. To enrol in current classes, please SMS 81386011 for more information.

Schedule of English enrichment classes
(one and a half hrs/lesson)
 General Paper
J2 level
 Sec EL
S4 level
Wed 5.30pm
Sec EL
S2 level
P6 level
Fri         5.30pm

Sat 11.15am

J1? see General Paper class times (double-yr J2)
S3? see Upp Sec EL class times (double-yr S4)
S1? see Core Sec EL class times (double-yr S2)
P5? see  PSLE EL class times (double-yr P6)

Note that there are 2 distinct full-yr programmes for each prog, so to benefit a higher-level programme written by an experienced hand and delivered by a field expert, start at a younger age, don't wait till the final year!

  • JC General Paper
  • Upper Sec EL, Lower Sec EL for O levels or Integrated Programme on the A level pathway
  • Lit Unseen Poetry, Lit Unseen Prose, Studying Shakepeare & Studying Set Texts (modular programmes for Secondary Literature & IB Language Arts)
  • PSLE English Language

One-to-one English enrichment lessons 

  • Error analysis & exam coaching for students with special needs or hybrid conditions (usually post-intervention, eg. a dyslexia specialist might refer a gifted but dyslexic student)
  • Study skills, learning styles profiling and self-motivation strategies
  • Specific Literature & Language Arts Individualised Project Work (IPW) for "O", "A" levels, SATs (Scholastic Achievement Tests) or International Baccalaureate
  • exam and essay-writing strategies for Li

For information on available places, SMS (+65) 81386011  Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm

with info on -

  • School level
  • Subject: General Paper/ English Language / English Literature/ Language Arts/ Language & Literature
  • Exam pathway: GCE A levels/ GCE O levels/ IB (International Baccalaureate)/ GSCE/ IGCSE/ PSLE/ Others
  • Lesson format: Enrichment class/ One-to-one corrective (post-intervention upon referrals from specialists)


For first-time overseas enquiries, pls use whatsapp to text me.

Sec Literature Unseen Poetry (modular programme; run based on demand)

Understanding Different Forms of Poetry  & Tackling Unseen Poetry 
Focus: identifying and recognizing different forms of poetry
& answering Lit Unseen Poetry questions 
6 three-hourly sessions
(12 lessons of one and a half hours each), 
$622.80, max 15 students

My students come from all over Singapore, from
  • independent schools like Anglo-Chinese Sch (Ind), Raffles Institution (JC & Sec), Hwa Chong Institution (JC & Sec),  
  • autonomous schools (such as Zhong Hua Sec Sch, Tanjong Katong Sec Sch), 
  • mainstream as well as GEP primary schools and 
  • junior colleges in Singapore, 
  • international schools (in Singapore) and schools overseas (United World College (SIN), ST Paul's Prep (UK), School of the Arts (SOTA),  School of Science and Technology, Hwa Chong Institution (International), St Joseph's Institution (International).  The list is still growing.

 Why do I need a tutor for my child, you might ask?

Give them confidence, a headstart in school, cover gaps in their knowledge and understanding, convey the passion for an area of study, make them appreciate the rigour in the study of a subject, devise strategies for tackling the exam, offer targeted practice, trace the origins of a field of scholarship, and establish connections between different classes of subjects, chart out a path for developing their skills in their subject, demonstrate ethical research practices, prompt and initiate higher-order thinking, make the correlation between what’s studied and what’s happening, and above all, help the student make that natural transition from doing well in a subject to having an enduring regard for the subject. In short, to a make a scholar of your child.