Mrs D's English Enrichment


Memorable successes - 

J2 PRC scholar (2011)  to complete his perfect score of 7As with General Paper (going from a D in J2 first semester to A in the A-levels)

Sec 4 student (2007) with a prelims L1R5 30pts in July to jump to a 9 in the O-levels with A2 in EL after study skills and EL enrichment, 

P6 student (2009) from 38/95 to 58/95 for Paper 2 Booklet B in Term 1, 

P5 student (2009) from C in P4 SA2 to A*, 

P6 foreign-born student (2013) to join in Term 3 and go from E to B, 

8 A1s (including English Language) (2013) from a humble 4As in the PSLE EL, his first exam with me,

Sec 4 student joining in mid Sec 4 in 2012 (doubling up on Core Sec and Upp Sec EL) to go from consistent failure in the EL essay to 8A1s (including English Language),

5As (including General Paper) in the A-levels in 2013 from humbler 4As in 2007,

IB student (2011) to sort out his weakest link, Language Arts, to a clear 43 (perfect 7 in all subjects bar Theory of Knowledge),

ACS (Independent) Express stream students to take the Core Sec Eng Lang Prog in Sec 1 & 2 as well as the Lit Unseen Poetry and clear the selection for IB in Sec 2,

Many come in as students worried about a English, Lang Arts or General Paper exam, and leave after 8 years after claiming a place in a premier university (and sometimes with an scholarship as well!).

Tabulation of my 2011 
A level graduands' 
General Paper results

Kept a small batch in 2011 in anticipation of JC1s following on from Sec 4 2011/
  The tally is 1 7As, 2 5As, 1 4As, 2 3As, 1 AAB, 1 3Bs.  
General Paper: 3As, 2Bs, 2Cs and 1E

  • The 7 As is my China-born student Liu Yang Yang who did an improbable Da Vinci Sci-Art combination and went from a D to an A in GP and counts among his As an A in Art (which includes Art Criticism, no less!).  
  • 2 of the GP As were failing or near passes in GP mid-year in Year 2.  
  • The C & E were very late entrants to reading and 
  • the E acknowledged but never resolved the problem of having a blind spot for grammatical errors (health issues also took a toll on the J2 year).  As I predicted, scores below C are usually traceable to a Sec EL writing curve that ended with only O level narrative writing skills.  So you can see why I start worrying about General Paper in my Secondary programme.
I am beyond grateful for my elder daughter's 5As in Art, Literature and Economics (this last thanks to Mrs Stella Neo, the Economics specialist who shares my unit).  She and Joel Teo of Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) who scored a perfect 7 for every subject in his 2011 International Baccalaureate exam credit my Lit Unseen Poetry they did in Secondary 2 with giving them a headstart and an enduring advantage in Literature/Language Arts.  Another GP A came from Clement Loh who had to struggle with figuring out the demands of General Paper after having dropped Knowledge and Inquiry in JC2. 

My 2nd daughter got 5As in 2016 as well, even though she had a killer subject combination: HELM or History, Economics, Literature and Maths plus GP.  Like my elder daughter, she joined my GP classes, and benefited from the pace in my classes.  I did not teach either of my daughters separately at home. For Economics, she was taught by Mrs Stella Neo, whom I have mentioned earlier.