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The Right Sec Sch

I have the rare distinction of being one of the very few teachers who can claim to having taken many students from the Singapore (SEAB) PSLE EL to A levels General Paper. I have seen the outcomes of choices made by my students and their parents.  Hence, this book.  You will find, in this book;

Insight to the sometimes unexpected, and regretful outcomes of choices;
Notes on what to ask at an open house as well as what to look out for in a secondary school;
Signs - that a school is conveying an exemplary value system;
Indications of a thriving school that you can pick up in the yearly MOE handbook;
Guidance on how you can determine which exam pathway is suitable for your child;
Hand-holding with examples of factors to consider for different student profiles, for boys and for girls;
Truths (as opposed to misconceptions) about what would be a good choice for your child).

The book is written with the busy parent in mind, with lots of illustrations (tables, lists, even a template of how you should profile your child) to help the parent anxious to get down to picking the schools. 

It's not just about getting good or even great PSLE results... it's about making the RIGHT choice for your child.  Don't let it be a matter of regret later on; find out what you need to know before you make this all-important decision for your child.